FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why Starterly?

Starterly is a part of Kapsica Media Group, a exGoogler's team Venture. It is an exclusive, dedicated service tailored for startups and SMEs. We understand that small companies do not have high budgets like the large companies and hence are often ignored by agencies. After working closely and managing multimillion dollar clients, we have launched 'Starterly' where we have committed in offering excellent services and help the small visionaries grow big.

What we offer?

We offer only PPC packages for now. Graphic Designing, Social and SEO packages will be out very soon.

Who will benefit from Starterly?
Startups and SMEs are primarily our target audiences. But we'd suggest you this, "If the shoe fits, then you better lace that up."
What will be the best package for me?

Please visit our 'Compare page' for a precise comparison of all the 3 plans Basic, Standard and Pro. It should help you decide which plan suits you the best.. Should you need any further assistance to help you choose the right package, please feel free to write to 'support@starterly.com'

What if my budgets are much above that what is on the plans here?

That's simple. Contact us on support@starterly.com, so that we get back to you with the best suited option to go with, based on your account's structure.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my packages ?

Well,. Actually it depends. Have a look at the campaign setup portion (in the compare page) before you choose one of our packages.

If you are requesting only a month's Jumpstart service from us, then you might as well contact us at support@starterly.com and get started.

Are the charges refundable ?

Yes - Only if you write to us within 24 hours of the payment. We will refund the money with a cancellation charge of 20% or $80 whichever is lower. We usually take 48 hours after the payment to complete the work and start managing your campaigns. We will offer complete month's service after 24 hours without any refund.

What are the next steps after I make the payment ?

You will receive a welcome note from our team that will explain the next steps and help you understand your goals and expectations. We will need 48 hours post the payment to start working on your campaigns and set them live.

What is the minimum or maximum period of time I should be using Starterly's services?

We offer services, according to your business. And based on the services we offer, we require a minimum period of time for you to be bound with Starterly.

For Jumpstart services, you will be required to be with us for a month. Only a month.

For the other service packages (Basic, Standard and Pro) there will be a contract for a minimum of 3 months. From the 4th month, you are on a monthly renewal and no minimum contracts. Just in case you need to end the contract, we will require a 2 weeks prior notice to bill you in advance for the next month.

What kind of support can I expect?

You can find more details about the support and service which is based on the package you choose. You can find more details on the comparison page. However, you can email us on support@starterly.com anytime.

Can I cancel the agreement any time?

If you choose Basic, Standard or Pro, you can cancel the agreement anytime after the 4th month with a 15 day prior notice.

Why do I need to give a 15 day notice ?

Well, we at Starterly always focus on providing excellent customer service and we also maintain a healthy ratio of Account Managers to the clients we manage. We never onboard more clients than we can manage. Thus, we will need an advance notice to plan our resource allocation in the next month if you are about to discontinue.

What if I want to cancel my contract within the 3 month period?

You can cancel the contract, but there will be no refund of the payment you have already made.

Can I get Phone Support?

No. complete email support is available and we provide 100% solution in 12 hours TAT.

What if I want to run Campaigns only for two months?

If your business is seasonal, then you will be required to notify us at the time of introduction via our email "support@starterly.com". Notification about it post the launches of campaigns will not be considered and full 3 months contract is implied.

What will be the time required to make the Campaigns live from the date of payment?

48 to 72 business hours. Please note your 30 day service period would start from the date when your ads receive their first impression.

Is the payment inclusive of the media Ad spends(on Google, Facebook or other medium)? How would the Ad spends be managed?

The payment you make is only the service fees of Starterly for the management of your campaigns. The budget spent on advertising will be managed and controlled by you to maintain 100% transparency.

How will you access my business's AdWords Account?

After the payment, we will request access to your adwords access your Google Adwords account. You will just have to share the Customer ID of the account present on the top right corner of the campaign details page. No User name and password is required from your end.

Will I be able to monitor and make changes in Adwords?

Yes, we maintain 100% transparency. You will be having all the rights to monitor and manage alongside. We always suggest you consult your Account Manager before you make any changes to the live account.

How much ROI can I expect, working with Starterly?

At the beginning of the service you will receive a form from our team where in you fill up all the details about your business including the ROI and other goals. We will then share with you a project plan with the best achievable ROI range which can be practically achieved in the first 4 weeks.